Plan B

Finding happiness after Infertility

Where do I belong?

Now I have moved on from infertility treatment I find myself in a bit of a void. I feel like I’m not sure where I belong any more.  When I was in the thick of our infertility journey I frequented... Continue Reading →

What I can’t say

I didn't feel ready to talk for the longest time, when family or friends broached the subject I chose to change it or say the smallest amount possible.  I tried hard to be fine, I wanted everyone to think I... Continue Reading →

Why me?

This is something I think most people have said in their lives at some point but I have tried very hard not to say it, especially last year. Yes it was a rough one, we made the decision to embrace... Continue Reading →

When I’m old…

I am coming to terms with living a childfree lifestyle, slowly every day I accept it more and more, so the next step is to figure out what I want from my life now, but that’s a bigger ongoing issue.... Continue Reading →

You could just Adopt….

This post is slightly different from the ones I have written so far, I try to be mostly positive, looking for the best and happiest in all things but these are just my true thoughts and feelings on how people... Continue Reading →

Redundancy vs Motivation

I got made redundant from a very large retail company in November, right before Christmas. I'm sure there's no good time to be made redundant but right before Christmas sucks, my husband kept telling me to be careful with what... Continue Reading →

New Year

Well 2016 is coming to an end, soon midnight will chime and we will start a brand new sparkling year. I was thinking about new year’s resolutions, as I suppose most people do at this time of year, I’m not... Continue Reading →

There were good times? Right?

The new year is rolling round quick now, soon there will be fireworks, kisses and drunken singing. Soon we'll all be making new years’ resolutions, most won’t even see February (surely, I'm not the only one guilty of that?). Soon we... Continue Reading →

Christmas is for children

I disliked this saying before our fertility troubles, I hate it now. I understand some peoples reasoning behind it, children believe in Santa, it's a very magical  time for them and it must be something very special for the parents to see their children waking up... Continue Reading →

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