I had the weirdest dream, I was walking along the beach when I noticed an elephant and her baby by the rocks and cliff. The tide was coming in fast and the baby elephant was too small and it was going to drown. To save the baby elephant I had to get it up on the rocks, now size wise this baby elephant was about the size of my springer spaniel, so I was able to heave and ho this elephant up the rocks to the top of the cliff where it would be safe.

The dream got weirder after this with a trip to a B&B while I tried to find the baby elephants mum, which had been chased away by some dogs while we had climbed the cliff.

The whole time I searched for mummy elephant I carried this baby elephant around with me because s/he was too scared to walk.

Strange right?

Now I have no idea what this means, other then I need to go the Zoo to see the actually size of a baby elephant because my subconscious is really far off!

The only thing I can think of that would prompt a strange ass dream like this is too much chocolate before bed or the fact there’s been a lot of pregnancy announcements lately.

How pregnancy announcements could lead to a baby elephant cliff climbing adventure is beyond me but maybe just like an elephant, we never really forget.