I got made redundant from a very large retail company in November, right before Christmas. I’m sure there’s no good time to be made redundant but right before Christmas sucks, my husband kept telling me to be careful with what I spent, especially on presents and although I know he was right, I struggled to deviate from past years’ traditions, I do really enjoy buying for others so having my hands tided was harder than I imagined.

Now I am not a risk taker, I’m a list maker, most decision in my life are accompanied by many lists and a lot of back and frothing, and a ton of over thinking. So being made redundant is very scary for me. Job hunting is a ball ache. Interviewing I completely suck at, I am a shy and anxious person so I feel first impressions are not my strongest asset but I will find a job eventually (I hope).

Something I am struggling with though is motivation, being home alone all day I find my lazy arse falling into a bad routine of telly watching, reading and internet surfing. How to stay motivated every day with nothing to occupy your day? There’s only so much house work (which I hate and tend to avoid for as long as possible) that I can do, and only so much course work I can sit at my desk to do, often lately I find myself mindless watching the telly still in my pj’s, until I’m surprised to see its 3 in the afternoon and I better take the dog out. If it wasn’t for my dog, Annie, I think some days I wouldn’t even get dressed.

How do you stay motived and not fall into a lazy stupor when faced with unemployment? I don’t know, I think most people thrive when they’re in a routine so trying to establish one might be my best bet. I’ve found audio books are my saviour for house hold chores, but it’s the days I can’t seem to pull myself out of bed until gone 10 or days after I eat breakfast I seem to stay on the sofa unmoving until afternoon.

Am I just a lazy moo? Or do most people who are faced with unemployment find themselves fighting for motivation to face the day. What do I have to get ready for? If I am only going to be pottering around the house and doing course work at my desk, then do I really need to get out of my pjs? I know I do just to continue to feel human, but finding the motivation and desire is sometimes harder then I think it should be. I am struggling with a lack of direction, a lack of purpose once again. How do I stay motivated?