The new year is rolling round quick now, soon there will be fireworks, kisses and drunken singing. Soon we’ll all be making new years’ resolutions, most won’t even see February (surely, I’m not the only one guilty of that?). Soon we will be wishing everyone well for the new year and remarking on how it will surely bring blessings and goodness and all that jazz. But what about 2016? I wrote my first post, ‘Thanks 2016’, as a sort of summary of my year, so I won’t go into much detail on 2016, but I think it’s healthy to try and remember the good in life, because the bad screams so much louder that the good can sometimes be forgotten or overshadowed.

I got to thinking on boxing day, what happened in 2016? And for the life of me I could only remember the bad, 2016 was the year we decided to end our horrid infertility journey, 2016 was the year I fought depression for the first time, 2016 was the year I lost my job. How dismal, I found myself wracking my brain trying to think of something good, something that made the year good but I couldn’t, only the bad kept floating through my brain.

So, I thought I’d set aside some time to sit down and really think, I wasn’t going to just focus on the bad as that isn’t good for you, always look for the positive. My husband likes to think of himself as a positive person and although he is a grumpy git I must admit he has kept me up with his positive take on things throughout the year.

So, my positives of 2016 –

  • I became a lot closer to one of my friends this year, we shared many great times, built a strong friendship and I’m lucky to now call her one of the most important people in my life.
  • Hubby got a new job at the end of 2015 and this year he has really come into his own within the new company, he not only enjoys what he does but is progressing and challenging himself.
  • We’ve had good times, day trips, hotel stays, festivals, gigs, drunken times with friends. When looking back its important to remember the little things, the everyday, the laughs.
  • December: For me, December has been good, as I said in a previous post I had decided to make December a fun and festive month, I was determined to end 2016 happy.

So, although 2016 will most likely always be classed as a shitty year in my mind, it had good times too. Yes, I’ve cried so hard I thought I may never stop, but I’ve also laughed so hard I fell over. Yes, I’ve felt broken and lost, but I also learnt how to fix myself, learnt my own strength and the strength and love I have from my husband.  Yes 2016, you have been a totally shitty year but because I lived through 2016 I’ve learnt to look for the positive in everything, to look for the smile at the end of the day.