I disliked this saying before our fertility troubles, I hate it now.
I understand some peoples reasoning behind it, children believe in Santa, it’s a very magical  time for them and it must be something very special for the parents to see their children waking up on Christmas morning, to witness the pure joy,  the wonderment and excitement.

But why is it just for children? Why do some people insist on tell me every year, ‘oh we are only doing Christmas for the children this year‘, what does that even mean?
Do they mean they are only buying presents for the children, that’s fine. Christmas isn’t only about presents, I think this is where that saying comes from, if Christmas is only about presents and Santa then of course its just for children, what grown up wants to sit on a plump man’s lap and ask for presents (dirty minded people, tut)

But to me Christmas is more, Christmas is still magical to me because as I look around I can see that people seem happier this time of year, sure its stressful and expensive but people wish strangers a Merry Christmas and smile more. There just seems to be something in the air at this time of year.

So I say bugger off to anyone that thinks Christmas is just for children. I love spending time with my family and Christmas pulls family together whether its by obligation or for some Christmas themed gathering. I love the lights and decorations, I loooove the food and the collective agreement that its acceptable to eat everything in sight. I love buying presents for people, thinking of each person that means something to me and trying to find something I know they will like then watching them open it, makes me all warm and fuzzy, giving is more important than what is under the tree for me.

What hurts me at Christmas though is knowing I will never see and feel that wonderful feeling parents have when watching their children. So to the ‘Christmas is only for children’ people out there, don’t take Christmas from me with your silly words, I’ve had so much taken already let me enjoy what’s left. Also to mothers, yes I know you have planned and toiled for your darlings special Christmas morning but hearing you tell anyone that will listen that you cant really enjoy Christmas until you have children as they make it.

Pfft, every day is what you make it and that goes for Christmas day too, I intend to make it special without and children involved.

I know there are a lot of couples out there in a similar situation as me and hubby, and Christmas day I will raise my  glass to them in a silent toast of understanding and encouragement, wishing them all a very Merry Christmas.