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Finding happiness after Infertility

The elephant in the room.

You know that feeling when something gets mentioned and there’s a collective tension in the room, an unspoken oh shit. I’ve always wondered if that’s just me? Or if everyone can feel the same tension and awkwardness? For me, I... Continue Reading →

The changing rooms of life

After the decision I felt lost, I was left bruised and battered with no hope for the future. I lived my life in a kind of limbo, with no hope or desire for the future, battling through pain and depression... Continue Reading →

Five Stages of Grief: The Infertility Addition

1. Denial When we were in the diagnostic part of our infertility journey we were told things like ‘you don’t ovulate,’ ‘you have scar tissue, cysts, swelling etc’, my Dr called my insides ‘a bit of a mess,’ But I... Continue Reading →

Over and done with?

Our struggles are in the past, it’s been 6 years since we started, a year and a half since my last operation, just over a year since we got off the fertility treatment train. So, I must be over it... Continue Reading →

The Infertility Decision; A Year On

It’s been just over a year since we made the decision not to continue with IVF, to step away from the hospital, drugs and the emotional upheaval that came with it. Looking back over the last year I believe I... Continue Reading →

Am I a failure?

In life we are taught to give everything our all, if we try our hardest and apply ourselves we will get results. If we stumble or fail we are to pick ourselves up and try again, to never give up,... Continue Reading →

Mothers Day

Throughout our years trying for a baby Mother’s Day never really registered to me, it didn’t really affect me. I celebrated with my family, treated my mum and mother in law to afternoon teas, trips to London, family photo shoots,... Continue Reading →

Spring and being more positive

I have always loved March, firstly because my birthday is in March and secondly Spring, the woods I walk my dog in everyday are starting to flower so soon it will be covered in bluebells which is just so beautiful!... Continue Reading →

You’re lucky

A little while ago I was sitting round a relative’s house, it was a lovely afternoon surround by family, having a chat and watching two toddlers play. They were adorable, chasing each other around and laughing, the youngest was just... Continue Reading →

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